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6 Tips on How to Create a Perfect Logo

6 tips on how to create the perfect logo

You already know how important it is for a business to have a logo, we've seen how logos create the brand of the business and most importantly, they create the bridge between your customers and your business.

Whether you're starting a new business and need a logo, or you're reinventing your current logo, you'll be glad you read the steps below. They'll help you stay organized in the process and motivated to find the right answers: 

1. Do your research and see what your competitors are doing. You want to see what their clients (and yours) like to see, but you also want to stay unique. So get some inspiration by looking around at those businesses in your field.

2. Have a vision and a story. Know who you are in the market and learn how to show that message without words. When you focus on the message you want to share, you'll also have a clearer idea of what you want to look like.

3. Create a multifunctional (yet simple) logo. The logo you'll create will be on your business cards, in your store, in your website, in your company shirts, in the delivery truck, etc. What I'm trying to say is that your logo will be everywhere, make it simple (just a couple of colors, simple shape, etc.) so it looks good on all surfaces. Also, if you're thinking of costs, having less colors and less shapes will be cheaper in the long run. A minimalistic logo, let's say, a dark circle with the name of the business inside in white fonts, will be much cheaper to print versus a logo with three different shapes, all in different colors with the name in the center.

4. Your business can match the way it looks in the logo. If your business sells rocks and rough boulders for landscape decoration, you won't want to have Disney fonts in red for your logo. Your business is reflected on your logo, so think, "what do you want your customer to think of when they say the name of your business?"   

5. Stay classic. Even if your business sells the trendiest things, you want to keep your name and logo as classic as possible, because as trends fade, you'll be able to stay in vogue.

6. Patent your logo. Once you are sure of your design, make sure you make it legal and that you protect it correctly. 


What do you think makes your logo special and unique? 


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