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Don't Forget These Things When Creating an Email Template

Email newsletters

Social media posts, blogging, press releases, newsletters, emails, etc. You all know how important these items are for marketing purposes, but, how often and how to create each of these items is, for some, a daily struggle. Today we want to show you (remind you, really) what you should keep in mind when creating an email template. Emails are a great way to contact your busy clients, and because they're so busy, you want to make these emails as simple and as engaging as possible.

1. Begin by having the end in mind. Have a vision, and then implement your ideas on the project. Stay focused on the message and to use as many items from your branding (colors, logos, etc.)

2. The most complex item should be the header. The header is naturally an attention-grabber, this should have colors, your logo and in just a couple of lines it should tell your customer who you are and what you want to get out of this email. (ABC Business -- Visit us at our new location)

3. Optimize your work so it's viewable on all devices. This is an obvious one guys, come on.

4. Keep the body of the email simple. Always use a high contrast between the background and the text, and keep your text to a minimum. Remember your client is probably on the run, and wants to know the information fast, and without much work.

5. Add social links in the footer section. Hopefully the information you just shared with your client is interesting not only to them but to everyone else as well, so give them the chance to share your email with their friends on social media.

What are some of the things your business does in their emails? How do they use design to stand out from their competitors?



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