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What is a Smarter Website™?

Was your website built pre 2010? It may be time for an upgrade. Websites have come a long way and having the right tools to market and manage your busienss are critical to compete in today's online enviroment.

We partner with LunaSoft (our parent company) to build Smarter Websites™?

Here are some things to consider when determining if your website may need to be upgraded:

  1. Editable Website.  You are not able to edit the website yourself.
  2. Mobile/Responsive.  Your website is not mobile/ressponsive. It doesn't look good on all devices like smart phones, tablets and ipads.
  3. Online payments. You have to use a 3rd party to receive digital payments instead of your own branded website.
  4. Screen Size. Your site was built before screen resolutions had grown. You're not taking advantage of the fulll screen real estate you could.
  5. Favicon. If you don't have a quick bookmark favicon - you're kind of behind the times.
  6. Apple Icon. If your users can't make a quick icon for their apple device - same with favicon - let's get you cleaned up.
  7. Mass email. Are you having to constantly export lists to a 3rd party to do an email blast? THat's a thing of the past now.
  8. Quickbooks Integration. Can your approved staff see QBO sales data to support your customers without having a login to QBO?
  9. Too many integrations. Are you having to login to more than 2 locations to maintain your digital presence? It's worth looking at why.
  10. Password protection. Can you easily password protect a page and limit it to only groups you want to share with?
  11. Permissions. Can you create roles for your organization and limit access to the tools on your website as you wish?
  12. Contact Management. Can you and your team view contact information from the web on your site. Do new leads and emails automatically get entered into your contact CRM database?
  13. Analytics. Can you see visitor traffic, browser and operating system analytics from your website dashboard or do you have to login to another system?

These are just a few things that make a Smart Website. Is your website Smart?


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