Mike Vandenberghe

I have been doing professional web development since 2001.

I can program in many languages: php, python, perl, c#, asp/asp.net, c, c++, sql, xhtml/css, javascript, and bash scripting.

Recent Posts

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04/22/2013 What makes an API great?
02/06/2013 Creating your own API
01/17/2013 PHP - Output Buffering
12/19/2012 PHP static classes
11/29/2012 PHP Associative Arrays
10/31/2012 Tabs Power User
07/27/2012 Why duplicate emails happen with pop3
07/03/2012 Clearing your DNS cache on a PC
06/12/2012 Adaptive User Interfaces
04/25/2012 Google Calendar in Mozilla Thunderbird
04/09/2012 Use google webfonts in your designs
04/03/2012 PHP simple introduction to objects
04/03/2012 Reducing Inbox Clutter
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