Premade PHP Web Software

We believe in the adage "don't reinvent the wheel". There are many advantages to premade or off the shelf web scripts. We tend to prefer PHP because the community is so well supported. Although we write our own custom web software and scripts, there are a few open source software scripts that we use from time to time. In some cases it would not be worth it to rebuild certain specific scripts entirely - when someone has already gone through all the trouble. In addition - many times - small, very lite scripts can compliment our proprietary applications.

A couple of examples include TinyMCE (wysiwig editor), LiteBox (javascript image display from thumbnail), Wordpress (CMS) and several others like Zen Cart. We have our own custom CMS, photo gallery and thumbnail viewer as well as custom shopping cart among many other web applications. There are times however when open source software has its place. Sometimes a client's budget is sensitive as they are starting up or trying to rebuild. In these cases - just getting on the web is the priority, not necessarily a custom designed high end web application. Once the site starts to show some promise - then higher quality software can be installed and configured. There are also many do it your selfers who enjoy the challenge of trying to build their own website. For these folks - we try and point them in the right direction and help them get started by installing php scripts.

Be Careful

There are countless off the shelf PHP scripts on the internet. Beware. Some can cause more harm then good. For example, if they weren't written securely - you could breach your entire website security. some of our custom solutions that are plug and play.

These web site packages are already created ready for installation. You can add these to your website today and be up and running in minutes.

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