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Mobile Websites - Are They For You?

It seems nowadays everyone has a smart phone. Getting information on the go is easier now than it has ever been and as technology advances smartphones are able to handle more complex applications and websites. The question facing many businesses is how they can profit off of this latest trend. One big question is whether to create a mobile version of their website. There are a few different factors that a website owner should consider before making this decision.

The first thing to think about is the complexity of your site. If you're site is fairly basic with mostly text and a few images than odds are it works just fine for mobile devices and you won't need to spend the time and money on devloping it. As these devices get better they can handle websites that previously would have been too elaborate and media intensive. However, if your site utilizes a lot of media it's probably in your best interest to tone it down for mobile web browsers.

Another thing to think about is where you get your business and how people find you. If the majority of your business dealings are online, or at least your lead generation, then you might consider building a site that caters to the mobile audience. Making sure your site is easily navigable and informative no matter what platform will assist you in attracting customers. If your business does not rely in large part on its website then you probably don't need a mobile version.

The type of business you run also factors in. Shops, restaurants and other establishments that people need to find on impulse are prime examples of sites that would benefit from having a mobile version of their site. Consumers are easily frustrated when they are trying to find information fast, so simplifying their browsing will help you attract more people. Many users get frustrated trying to browse sites and instead use third party directories, which is not as beneficial to you as it would be if they got their information from your site firsthand.

Smartphones and the use of the mobile web is growing at a fast pace. You should start considering if you need to make changes to your website that will help you get your foot in the door. However, especially for small businesses, it's not always necessary and the time and cost of developing your site for the web may not be worth the return.


07/21/2010 9:49am
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