Managed Web Hosting

Business Web Hosting

If you need reliable business web hosting with email, visitor statistics and professional customer service - we're at your service.

If your current host does not offer you advanced web statistics with tracking of your customer traffic, your own email accounts with and access to your own control panel - then regardless of the amount of space and bandwidth your are allocated - you should seriously consider moving to a web host with these features.

We are honest when we say web site hosting is not the bread and butter of our business, but we encourage prospective clients to move to our servers to see the difference in customer service. When we maintain your website(s), you will speak with local people who know your business.  We don't outsource to a call center or messaging service. 

We don't advertise UNLIMITED everything - because frankly that is not true.  Go ahead and try your current host. Start uploading gigabytes of data and see what happens. They will kick you off or suspend you quickly and then show you the fine print which indicates why you really don't have "unlimited" resources as they advertise to get you in the door.

We will have all of the advanced features that our customers need to provide basic to advanced hosting management.

Some of these include:

  • Web Control Panel - CPANEL - (the renowned easy to use interface to manage your hosting account)
  • Email Accounts (your own custom emails
  • Ability to redirect pages to another page (apache redirects)
  • Custom Error Pages (why give users an ugly error page when you can advertise services?)
  • PHPMyADMIN - (handy interface to create and maintain MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases)

Try out professional web hosting based in our Utah datacenters at and, our sister companies.