Content Management Systems

site-builder.jpg (our parent company) has a very simple to use and clean content management system. We believe in Smarter Websites that make it easy to market & manage your Small Busienss.  With our proprietary CMS you are able to easily build web pages, sub pages, categorize your pages, upload images, files (Word Docs .DOC, Excel .XLS, PowerPoint .PPT, PDFs .PDF) and many other files to allow your users to view public and private data.

We can configure the content management system to work specifically for your organization based on your needs.

We would love to let you demo a live website at your convenience. Please contact us to learn more.

Luna's Simple Website content Management System

With a CMS you will be able to build an unlimited number of web pages, sub pages and categorize them accordingly.  We create an administrator interface accessed by a secure login to allow you to update the pages of your website from anywhere you have an internet connection.

The web page manager is used for maintaining your website without the need to know web or programming languages such as xhtml or CSS. It will allow you to create unlimited “static “pages, all of which will be created with a content editor.  In addition to page creation – the CMS supports on page Search Engine Optimization – allowing editing Meta-tag title, key words and descriptions as well as deleting or editing existing pages. It will allow you to manage content, images, basic formatting of text, colors, tables and many other features. Key features include:

  • Page Builder
    • Ability to build web pages
    • Ability to add/edit/delete content of existing pages
    • Pages and sub-pages are ordered as they appear on the website (i.e. main pages grouped together with sub pages.
    • Creation of unlimited menu independent pages to be accessible through hyper links from within any page.  
    • Drag and drop reorder of page menu
    • Set pages public or inactive until ready to display
    • Sub Pages and sub-sub pages – automatic indents/Style bullets based on CSS
    • Automatic collapsible categories for user display
    • Set pages to appear on
      • Footer navigation
      • Primary – main navigation
      • Both Primary or Footer
      • Left navigation
    • Regions – ability to edit specific areas of page through database regions so CSS style keeps site look and feel consistent
      • A powerful WYSIWYG (MS Word like) content editor enables user to edit content with the following key features:
      • Content formatting, alignment, spell check, tables, styles and colors.
      • Support for importing content directly from word (with or without formatting).
      • Using html to create more advanced page content.
      • Supports importing of images, external flash, YouTube video and various document formats.
  • Users
    • User  Authentication
    • Secure login by email and password
    • User Permissions
      • User permissions can be limited by site administrator(s). Some permissions include:
        • Ability to access CMS section
        • Ability to add/edit/delete pages
        • Ability to view CMS reporting
        • Ability to make pages public
  • File Manager
    • Ability to upload MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and many other file formats
    • Ability to upload images such as Jpeg, GIF, BMP, PNG and many others
    • Ability to upload media files such as AVI, Quicktime, Mpeg and more.
    • Ability to link to these files from a web page
    • Category Structure of files for easy organization
  • Multi-Media
    • YouTube video embedding
    • Flash SWF file embedding
    • Upload and embed  images
      • Automatic resizing of images to
        • Thumbnail
        • Medium
        • Large
        • X-Large
      • Ability to link images to url or larger images automatically
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
    • Ability to set and edit each web browser page title, menu name, description and meta tags information.
      • Meta Title, Keywords, Description
      • Ability to define page URL
      • A HREF title
      • Ability to set image ALT tags
      • Google Sitemap - Optional ability to set Sitemap.xml for google
      • Optional ability to create automatic dynamic sitemap of all pages
  • CMS Search Engine
    • Ability to search all content of pages built with cms
    • User can type in keywords and view results of pages in order of relevance.
  • Visitor Tracking and Analytics (site statistics)
    • Visitor Statistics and Tracking
    • Referrer Tracking
    • Keyword Phrase Tracking
    • Page Views
    • Keyword Search
    • Filtering, Sorting by column
    • View Visitors by page
    • View visits by IP
    • View visits by date range
    • Visit length tracking
    • Raw logs
    • Search Engine keyword stats
    • Links from external URLs

Other Advanced CMS Features

  • Secure Pages/Password Protection
    • Ability to add secure pages with username/password protection
    • Ability to create user groups
    • Ability to assign users to groups
    • Ability to limit access of pages to groups
  • Layouts
    • Ability to choose layout from designed home/sub
  • URL Rewrites
    • Page URL will be rewritten with mod_rewrite for friendly URLs.

Page will appear in the browser url as page.php or page without the html / php extension.