Custom Programming and Web Development is full service open source web development firm. Although we program primarliy in PHP and MySQL, we service several clients who use Microsoft .NET, Ruby on Rails and ASP. We are very well versed in front end coding languages such as xhtml, css, JavaScript and Flash ActionScript. We are expert in AJAX as a tool to increase user inteface effectiveness and usability.

Lunawebs is a leading provider of websites and web applications for businesses served in Utah, California, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York and Virginia. Our expertise in programming, marketing, and technology assists companies in managing their business online Lunawebs is the best choice for Utah businesses that want to make money on the web.

We have created several custom shopping carts and e-commerce applications allowing real time credit card processing. We can take your current desktop inventory and help you sell products with an online store.

We can program and develop your desktop application for the web. If you need a form or program specific to your organization we can create it for you. We are expert in technologies including php with MySQL as the backend database as well as many other languages.