e-Commerce Solutions


How many times have you wanted to buy something online - only to leave the website because it was too difficult? 

It happens all the time. Potential customers don't have the patience to jump through hoops to figure out your out of date software or browser bugs.  Conversion goes up when user experience is easy.  Customers come back to web stores when they've had a good experience.

Do you have an online shopping cart? Many times customers will move onto another site just because they can't buy it now.  If you do have an online store - does your shopping cart remember your customers credit card information if they elect to store it online?  Can they store a cart for later or add items to a wish list?  How about letting them share a product on social media or with someone they know that is looking for what they've found?

All of these small, subtle features will increase revenue and customer loyalty for your customers.

Lunawebs knows what it takes for ecommerce and ebusiness. We have the experience that allows us to help you sell your products online right away. A few things we can do for you:

Robust E-commerce Engine with Real Time Credit Card Processing

Your visitors will find it easy to search for the products they are interested in. We allow easy adding of your products to your online store with multiple images and even streaming video.

Add products to categories for easy searching or even multiple categories without having to maintain separate products.  With real time shipping estimate via UPS, USPS and Fedex - your customers gain confidence in getting their product on time and within budget.

To motivate existing client lists - you can create coupons, sales and offers easily and track your results.

Group pricing (when they are logged in) for your distributors/retailer is created a the touch of the mouse.

Real time inventory tracking and low stock alerts.  Luna's custom solutions and hosted shopping cart options are robust and easy to use. Call for a demo today.

Free Consultation

We discuss with you right away what it will take to start selling online within weeks - not months. Because we've built so many different websites, often we can offer ideas to grow your business in the future.

Sales statistics and Traffic Analysis :

We will track every aspect of your website, including traffic levels, how people find your site, and how they use your site. We will continue to help you plan and strategize in order to improve your system and increase your profitability on the web.

Instant Online Payments:

Real time credit card transactions. After setting up a merchant account and a payment gateway you will be able to begin accepting payments online.

Encrypted Transactions = Security :

We will acquire and install an SSL certificate so your customers know that their important private data is kept secure and private..

Self Maintained Online Store:

You will be able to easily add products with their description and images. Login later to maintain your product inventory. You'll be able to add, edit and delete products and images as well as change categories, review orders and so much more..

Order and Inventory Management:

As soon as an order is processed, you'll know right away. An email is automatically sent notifying you that a customer has purchased an item(s). Our shopping cart system allows you to keep track of what's in stock or what needs to be ordered. You will also know within a click - where your orders are at while keeping your clients aprised of order status. Customers can login to view their order status, past orders and print receipts.