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March 2012

Industry News:

Android vs. iOS: the Pros and Cons of Two App Platforms

In previous article’s we’ve covered some of the things to think about when developing mobile apps. In this brief article we’ll focus on some of the fundamental differences in creating apps for the three most popular platforms; Android, iOS and Window’s Mobile. read more!


Mobile App or Native Apps: What’s the Difference and Things to Consider

Deciding to develop an app requires a lot of thought. In the past we've written about some of the things to think about when deciding if a mobile app is right for your business. After you’ve decided if being in the app game is the right for you, the next step is going to be to decide what kind of app you’ll develop and for what platform. Choosing A Platform For Your App At a glance it might seems that there are dozens of options out there, in the end if your focus is mobile phone   read more!



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Using Social Media  To Generate Credibility and Confirm Expertise

Previous models of advertising, communication and marketing have been based around the concept of interruption. Users and customer are increasingly become more attuned to what advertising and interruptions look like and are adopting patterns of media consumption that allow them to bypass and ignore content that isn't relevant to them. So how do you create content that moves past those filters and also adds credibility and expertise to your business? The answer is simple: social media. 

Read More.


5 Must Know Tips  For Better Content Generation

Here at Lunawebs we encourage site owner and entrepreneurs to generate their own content. For one, it allows business owners to develop a stronger understudying of their business. It also allows them to understand how they appear to their customers and clients.These are great tools for teaching entrepreneurs and site owners how content creation can add value to their business. But while blogging, tweeting, and posting to Facebook sound like really easy things to do some entrepreneurs struggle. We're here to get you on the right track.   

 Read More.

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