Professional Logo Design

Logos are more then sketches turned vector. Your company's corporate identity is critical to your organization's future. Every business needs a logo brand that will stand the test of time. Something memorable but also identifiable to your products and services.

We have been designing custom logos for over 10 years. We understand that the first impression a potential client has of your company could be the difference between a sale or a lost lead. Some folks want to get something created "quickly" but at the expense of a long-term brand.

Often we're asked: "how much does a logo cost?" Well a well thought out brand can take time, concepts and multiple revision cycles. We try to understand your company, products and services before attempting to put sketches on paper. Your professional logo will be seen on your business cards, letterhead, website and all other identifying collateral. Your logo will last for years, and so it must be a well thought out investment.

Your logo will be the most visual representation of your company. So how much you ask? We have found that the more concepts and creative required - the more beneficial the investment. Prices vary considerably depending on the needs of each client. For example a new small business owner may only need a simple professional concept, while an established organization may need an entire brand revamp with several unique concepts, an entire identity package including letterhead, business cards and communication branding. So pricing can vary considerably. Whatever your needs, we welcome you to speak with one of our experts to help suggest the fit for your goals and budget.

What we always remember is that your logo is an investment in your company and the future.

Be wise - invest in a professional logo that will represent your company well, and the high end first impression you need to relay.