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Unobtrusive javascript and jquery selectors

Jquery is a great library used by many. Those who are just starting out can become a bit confused by the jquery selector format. I want to take some time today and give you a primer and some examples on using selectors in jquery. Using them effeciently can save you time and headache. If you aren't familiar with unobtrusive javascript techniques, now would be a good time to brush up. If you create your javascript in an "unobtrusive" way, this means that you keep your javascript code separated fr.... read more

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Negative Press: Burning Brands and Dollars

Burning money
Over the last year, the online marketing community has been abuzz with talk about using negative press to boost one's rankings in search engines like Google. It all started with a New York Times story about a man whose horrible customer service skills and illegal actions had supposedly boosted his rankings in the search engines. The general proposition was that links are good for search engine rankings, and making people extremely angry is one way to get them to link to your site. The issue a.... read more

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A Strong Website Makes A Strong First Impression

your website
So you've decided to look in to creating a website for your business. You've looked at various options, met with multiple designers, and been quoted a whole range of prices. Chances are, the expense is likely to be one of the considerations you will take in to account when selecting your firm. This is understandable. That being said, one thing I tend to hear a lot when speaking with perspective clients is, 'We had a designer, but he was extremely cheap, and well, I finally figured out you get wh.... read more

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Used Restaurant Equipment Classifieds Site

We recently launched a used restaurant equipment site call Restaurant Equipment Listings. The site engages Luna's listing manager technology which allows restaurant owners to quickly post their used restaurant supplies for free or for a fee. Features of the site include the ability for users to post their old commercial restaurant supplies and equipment without the need to know html. Visitors can also search the front end of the website to find restaurant counters, refridgerators, pizza ovens .... read more

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How Well Do You Know Your Online Audience?

Fact: Internet searchers judge a website within five seconds of visiting it. This means that your site has to snag the attention of your audience the first time they see it. You may have the best looking website on the planet, but knowing what makes your audience tick can make or break a potential conversion. Ask yourself this question: Exactly who is your online audience? Mothers? Middle-aged men? College students? Is your site something this audience would find attractive? The Breakdown.... read more

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Downy Screw UP! The PR Blunder of 2011

Downy screwed up! If something is going well with your product line, you don't have to change it. Downy recently changed their "original" fabric softener only to find that customers are upset with the change. What's worse, instead of just making a new product to test the market with, they replaced the original. I think they could have learned from other brands like Pepsi and Coke, that you just don't mess with the original that loyal customers are used to. I would call Downy the the ma.... read more

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The Truth About HTML5

There has been a lot of hype around HTML5 in recent months. I have heard individuals singing the praises of it without really knowing what it is. First HTML5 is not the end all for Flash and Javascript. Both mediums still have their appropriate uses and will continue to live on. Second HTML5 still a little "half-baked". There is not a single browser that supports all of the new features in HTML5. It isn't expected to be completed until 2014. Third HTML5 is not an all new programming langu.... read more

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Issue Calls to Action

Websites Tend To Be Big The average website contains around 273 pages. Out of all of those pages how do we know which ones have the content we are truly looking for? Even a smaller web site with 50 -100 pages can seem like a lot of information to wade through. Though some websites seem to have an infinite number of pages, most of them are there to support just one main idea or a small handful of ideas. Your Users Need Direction No matter how large or small your website is, your users will .... read more

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CSS Text Effects: Text Shadow

The CSS text shadow property has been around since the release of CSS2, but has not been supported by mainstream browsers until recently. The level of support is still limited, but with time we will start seeing it more and more.Basically text shadow allows you to render text with a blur, glow or off-set shadow without using an image. Benefits of this include: The ability to allow text to be searchable by popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. Reduce load time by eliminating image file.... read more

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Optimize Your Photos for the Web

In an age of high resolution phone displays and widescreen desktop monitors, it is important to have quality images on your web site – but don’t make them too big. The amount of time it takes for a page to load can have an effect on your website’s credibility with search engines as well as drive away users if it is slow. Luckily there are some easy ways to make your images look great on the web without sacrificing quality. Most photo editing software gives you ability to ea.... read more

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Measure | An Overlooked Element of Typography

You may be asking, "What is measure, and why is it important when it comes to typography?". Those who understand and use typography know what leading and kerning is, but measure is an element that is often forgotten or overlooked. A simple definition of measure or "the measure" is the width of a block of text. Considering this when designing, especially for the web, is important because it has a major affect on how legible the text is to the user. Common mistakes involving measure include. T.... read more

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