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The Art of Instagramming

Instead of representing your company through articles, or even harder-- a 140 word snippet on Twitter, use pictures! Instagram is perfect for any business because it pushes your brand right to the forefront. You have complete control over the color scheme, layout, and content that creates the vision of your company. You decide what people see in their mind when they run across your business title in a conversation. Use these 3 main tips to give them something to talk about-- "did you see th.... read more

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The Anatomy of an Infographic

The anatomy of an infographic
Infographics are one of the most effective ways to present information and make it go viral. That is possible thanks to our brain; it naturally prefers to see colors and shapes than a monotone black and white paragraph. So whatever you need to communicate, make it in a clear, creative and clutter-free way, you'll be able to teach your reader more because you have already captured their attention with compelling graphics and colors. Keep in mind these tips next time you create an infographic, an.... read more

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Trending: Abstract Homepages

When it comes to making a statement, the main image is probably what first comes to mind. Depending on the website, you'll also expect a certain type of image. A vacationing website? Paradise. A construction website? some awesome building. Clothing store? Colorful jeans folded neatly on a table. What about... a powerful, abstract image instead? A lot of websites have made the (temporal) move to have one of those amazing abstract backgrounds, a while ago it was a video, and before that, a very e.... read more

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How can you maximize your social media activity on a minimal time commitment?

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.11.24 PM.png
As with all things, social media management is what you make of it. Small business owners are always looking to strike the right balance between marketing their products or services and actually running their business. Because of this business struggle of not knowing what should be top priority, business owners are often hesitant to jump into social media because of the preconception that maintaining a social media presence online can be time consuming. Which is why most people will initially .... read more

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A World Lost and Found in Branding

Screen shot 2015-07-21 at 8.56.57 AM.png
I studied Art History while I was in school, and one thing that continued to come up in class discussions and in my own writing and research, was the issue of branding. We live in a world of brands to which we are exposed to on a daily basis. I bet if I asked you right now, you could name at least 10 brands off the top of your head. I can also assume that you could go on to describe their brand logo colors and maybe the jingle from advertisements. We live in a world of branding and there is no e.... read more

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Retail Stores Ease Website Fears

Lunasoft Retail Store
As a software specialist at Lunasoft and working at the Lunasoft retail store, I have had many anxious people come in inquiring about starting a new website.  A lot of them are nervous because they are not tech savvy and openly admit that they don't know how websites or the process of building one even works. But after spending just a few minutes in our retail store, almost everyone who comes in is reassured and ready to move forward with their project just because of what we emph.... read more

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Why You Should Offer Daily Deals on Your E-Commerce Website

Train Your Customers Offering daily deals on your e-commerce website helps your customers to see that you are a place where a bargain can be found. When visitors come across a site and get the feeling they won't ever get a good deal, they are less likely to ever return. Promoting the occasional sale may accomplish this, but the beauty of daily deals is that they create shopping habits: customers take advantage of a great deal and then keep coming back in search of more. Boost Your Customer Bas.... read more

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New Google Maps Update is a Game Changer

Google Maps Integrates with Uber and Open Table
Most of us use Google Maps here and there, and some of us use it on a daily basis for directions, restaurant info and more.  It has been a useful tool for quite some time; but, with the release of the new update last week, the application has been rejuvenated with highly useful integrations from Uber and Open Table. In the past, Google maps could tell you how long it would take to drive from A to B by car, bus, by bike, or on foot.  Now, if you're on foot, Google Maps will also tell y.... read more

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3 Tips to Help You Get to Know Your Customers Like Friends

Get to Know Your Customers Like Your Friends USing Analytics
You know what makes your friends happy, and you know what makes them tick.  Would it help you to know what makes your customers happy, and to know what makes them tick?  Sure it would. What if there is something about your homepage design that is a pet-peeve to the majority of your audience?  Wouldn't you want to know?  Avoiding pain points and making your customers happy can be the difference between a good and a great business, so getting to know your audience might be the .... read more

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Retail Robots Are Real and Being Hired by Lowes

Lowes Robots Coming Soon
These days, several classic sci-fi movies are being proved right or wrong, as artificial intelligence becomes more common to society.  Some have hypothesized the future emulating the Terminator films with a super computer taking on the human race, while others envision a scenario from Minority Report with civilians being arrested for crimes that they have yet to commit.  Nonetheless, home improvement gitant, Lowes, is preparing to alter the social norm by adding robots to their staff i.... read more

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Social Media No Longer Organic: Requires A Marketing Budget

Paid Social Media Marketing Budget
Have you ever wondered why Facebook is worth billions of dollars?  They don't charge you to create an account, and there are no monthly fee for usage or maintenance; so, how does the company pay for their thousands of employees and for their Frank Gehry-designed campus?  Simple: by showing you ads every time you log in. Social Networks, like medical clinics, restaurants, and clothing stores, need to pay their bills; and, for social networks, advertisements comprise the majority of the.... read more

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Update Your Business Listing on Apple Maps Connect

Apple Maps Connect for Business
Last night, search engine land reported that you, as a small business owner, have one more thing to add to your tasks list.  Apple Maps is now editable by business owners, or by their authorized representatives.  Unfortunately, as of now, agencies and webmasters will have a lot of difficulty using the service because each listing claimed requires a separate Apple ID.  Similarly to the way one would claim a Google Maps listing, obtaining access to an Apple Maps listing requires an.... read more

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3 Ways to Get More Production Out of a Sales Team

More Production Out of a sales team
Are you feeling like you're wasting money by paying your sales team to work your leads?  After all, you did start the company yourself and you've been the full time salesperson before, even while completing all of the operations for your business.  You know you have an amazing product/service, and you know a well trained sales team should be able develop your business; but, why can't you get more production out of your sales team? 1) Training: Like you said, a well trained sales team .... read more

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American Tech Companies Looking Small: What is Alibaba's Ace in the Hole?

NYSE Alibaba Tech Companies
When Alibaba had their IPO about a month ago, we already knew they were going to be the next tech giant.  With an initial offering of $68 dollars, it was obvious.  So, what has happened since the IPO?  The baba stock has had ups and downs, hovering around the $85-$90 price point, while the majority of the stocks listed on the NYSE have begun to deplete in value.  Yesterday, a CNBC report speculated about the coincidence between the Alibaba IPO, and the S&P 500's all time.... read more

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New Google Adwords Display Ad Formats and How They Can Help Your Business

Lunasoft Google Event
Yesterday, the Luna team hosted an Online Marketing event, sponsored by Google, during which two Google experts delivered a presentation on how new Google tools can help SMBs better compete in the digital space.  The Google team members discussed everything from video marketing and using maps to new AdWords features, mobile and more.  Of everything mentioned, a lot of our guests were curious about the new ways they could capitalize on the new AdWords features and the new mobile capabil.... read more

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LunaStudios to Host Google Partners Event at LunaSoft Showroom

Lunasoft Google
Salt Lake City, UT - LunaStudios, the creative arm of software agency, Lunasoft, is pleased to announce an exclusive Google sponsored event at our retail showroom, located at 12 W Broadway in Salt Lake City, UT.  The event will take place on Wednesday, October 15th from noon-1:00pm MST.  Attendees will be treated to refreshments, and a live webinar streaming from Google's corporates offices. As an official Google partner, Luna will have multiple specialists present, all of whom have .... read more

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The Future of Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Highly Targeted Ads

Old school pay-per-click analysts remember a time when you could simply pay off Google to rank for keywords that you couldn’t attain in the organic search results.  It was such a simple concept: Pay Google for every Click they produce to your website.  It was easy to get the placement you wanted; and, best of all, most of Google’s users didn’t know when they were clicking on an ad, as all results appeared to be the same.  Slowly, Google started adding visuals to tip off users to t.... read more

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A New Angle

  The other night a notification popped up on my phone screen, it was from the Snapchat Team. Which typically I wouldn’t have opened, but I just clicked on it and to my surprise I was drawn into what they were informing me of. It contained an entire tutorial on this new story option they had created just for EDC stories on Snapchat. At that moment, I knew what EDC was but had no understanding of the concepts or dynamics behind it. Then I had a realization of the popularity of this event .... read more

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7 Smart Celebrity Branding Tricks Your Business Should Be Using

Hollywood Sign
Be honest: do you judge celebrities? Of course you do. You had an opinion on Miley's scandalous VMA performance (what the?!) and Kim and Kanye's Vogue cover (ugh). Or if you're like many of us, perhaps you simply wonder how in the world the Kardashians became (and remain) famous at all. Welcome to Hollywood. Bottom line? It's all about branding.For better (or worse…) celebrities (and their publicists, manager, assistants, stylists and that guy they tweet about who works at the gas station) .... read more

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Hey Girl (or Guy), What's Your Name?

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of overt, ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’. ‘Dirty’ is how he described the two words, preferring instead to focus on educating his audience, providing them with value. Some will argue it’s semantics at best —and it is, at least on some level. Regardless, it’s a rather ironic twist of fate that in the end, Jobs and the icon company he lead and co-founded have come to be known, respectively, as being some of the great marketing geniuses of our time.  There’s no doubt that .... read more

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Are You A Likable Person?

You're Fired.
As a society we tend to place high value on people with extroverted personalities. Nowhere does this become more apparent than in business. While we can agree that it's an edge, extroversion should not be confused with superb people skills. Most people will agree that they want to work with people they like, or at the very least, people they don't mind being around. Clients will evaluate you in much the same way —while you may be competent at what you do, if people don't like you, they surely wo.... read more

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You're Invited to the Grand Opening of LunaSoft

LunaSoft is opening the first website and online software retail store ever.  Please come. You're all invited and we'd love to see you.  Check out the days activities at . read more

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New Websites: A Valuable Investment

The biggest problem with building a new website is usually trusting that, after you spend a few thousand dollars of your hard earned cash, you will receive a product that will inevitably earn that money back. A website is not tangible.  You can’t pick it up with your hands.  And, unlike a new big screen TV, you can’t simply turn it on for the best results when you get home.   This makes buying a website a scary investment, and for good reason. We hear stories from many peo.... read more

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We're Having Gmail Problems, Trading In and Up, But We Will Always Support Justin Beiber

OMG Gmail Is Down
Google caused First World Problems to reach epic proportions when users determined their service was interrupted. Before there was a full on meltdown, users took to Twitter to confirm the problem. It went like this...  But there's always a plan! Well... in this case, there wasn't one. Oops. Things deteriorated even further when one user provided insight in to Google's involvement: they'd been master mining an apocalypse. Naturally, locasts and Justin Beiber received starring roles. .... read more

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Free Websites for Small Business: You Get What You Pay For

Free Websites for Small Business: You Get What You Pay For These days, every business knows that they need a website.  At the very least, it serves as a digital business card to advertise on your actual business card, or to use as a tool in your advertising campaigns. Most small to medium sized businesses, agencies, organizations, and committees will need to decide whether to use a free website builder, learn to build it themselves, or to hire a professional development company, in order .... read more

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Budgeting for SEO: 3 Secrets (Most) SEO Companies Won’t Tell You

Best Practice SEO
‘Humbling’ isn’t often a word you hear people associate with marketing, yet having worked in online marketing for the past few years has proved to be an extremely humbling experience. In the minds of many, SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) is believed to be an exact science. Reality paints a picture showing SEO as being as much a science as meteorology. In other words, it’s predictable to a certain extent; however, there will always be those instances in which you find yourself caught in a d.... read more

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Mobile Savvy: 5 Key Points Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore

Can I tell you a secret? I know you may feel (at least occasionally) that mobile devices have ruined your life (just a little bit.) I know sometimes you really, really wish the fad would just die already. I don't relish being the bearer of bad news, but the truth is, that shiny, overpriced, white thing that appears to be super-glued to the body of every teenager and the majority of adults under 50, isn't going away. Hard as it may be for some to hear, small business to medium-sized businesses n.... read more

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Digital Marketing Going In To 2014: 7 Must-Know Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

1. Creating a brand is synonymous with quality. In the early days of the Internet, it was easy to win the search engine war by spamming it to death, allowing you to gain the upper hand in your market. Those days are long gone. Going in to 2014, the future of business is dependent on delivering quality both in digital marketing and beyond. Anyone can create a company; not everyone has what it takes to create a brand. 2. Outbound marketing is no longer taboo. That is, if you do it well. The be.... read more

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Simple Tips to Aid In Attracting (and Converting) Mobile Consumers

With the explosion in the mobile market, the number of shoppers who opt for mobile devices to serve their shopping needs is only going up. Virtual market places such as Etsy report they are seeing as much as 45% of their site traffic arriving via mobile phones and tablets. Is your website or mobile device application ready for the future of the online consumer market? Check out our super star strategies for attracting and converting mobile shoppers. 1. (Mobile) Shop 'Til You Drop. Don’t wor.... read more

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What Small-Medium Sized Businesses Can Learn From the Less Than Stellar PR Moves of Mega Brands

When you think of PR, a lot of times you may find it synonymous with damage control. This should not be the case. A good PR strategy is an ongoing process that allows you to cultivate an nurture relationships with other entities and brands. Apple flounders following Jobs’ death. Photo: Tim Cook's Apple Announcement (by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Public relations have never been Apple’s strong suit. Make no mistake, Steve Jobs was a brilliant marketer, but marketing and public relations .... read more

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Free $100 Adwords Coupon from LunaWebs

free $100 adwords coupon
Free $100 Adwords Coupon  Try these free $100 Adwords Codes, or fill out our request form below for more offers: CQP4V-MT9Q9-HHMY 66QGE-KRU9U-LQXW CNAL6-7P3FN-GR67 9Y69N-EVXCP-HT9Y 6FTGL-FNAPD-AWQG To request more codes, fill out this FORM Google has generously granted LunaWebs with multiple adwords coupons to get companies started with pay-per-click advertising. Feel free to use these codes and get your first adwords campaign up and running! Setting up a campaign can be a little di.... read more

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Spring Cleaning: 4 Simple Steps for a Clutter-Free Website

What's the one thing we all know about, have, and most likely use until our secret is out? A junk drawer. Sure, it holds plenty of necessary information, but if you have to sort through a mess every time you want to find it, eventually, most of us give up. The content of your website is no exception. If you want users to take in more or your content, you’re going to need a way to clean up the information. That’s where info-graphics come in. They’re the IKEA organizer of content. Spring clean.... read more

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