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Adobe Photoshop App

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.54.18 AM.png
  I don't know about you but I'm not one to take many selfies but with this new photoshop app from Adobe I know I'll be taking more pictures. Now many of us are familiar with Adobe photo editor on our PC however this new app will be able to bring a more accessible way to interface. Adobe has been working on mobile apps for years, on 2011 the first edition of photo editor for mobile devices from Adobe came out named as Photoshop Touch, unfortunately it wasn't all the it was cracked up to be.... read more

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The Great Smartphone Debate

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 8.47.26 AM.png
It could be the most heated debated rivalry of the century. It's a question that has caused passionate arguments across the world: Which is better, iOS or Android? You could walk into a room full of people and ask each one which is their favorite smartphone operating system, and the odds are pretty good that most would have a preference. Some would even be able to explain why one is better, despite having never really used the other. it's interesting that it appears that smartphone users a.... read more

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Extending Your Android Phone's Battery Life

Take a look at this screenshot of the home screen on my Nexus 5 smartphone. Do you notice anything unusual? Besides the fact that I use instead of Yahoo Mail or Gmail, what is different about my smartphone is the fact that my LTE connection is turned off. I do this intentionally to preserve battery life. I have found that leaving my internet connection on all the time burns through my battery life must faster compared to leaving it off by default and only turning it on when I ne.... read more

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Tablet Purchasing Tips

New Tablet Pic
I, like millions of consumers around the globe, plan on purchasing a tablet computer in the next few months. This will actually be my second attempt at purchasing a tablet. About a year ago, I purchased a 7" generic tablet from Amazon. I figured that all tablets were pretty much the same and that I didn't need to spend more than a hundred dollars in order to get a decent functioning tablet. How wrong I was! I soon learned that a tablet is not one of those items that you should skimp on. The dev.... read more

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Google Announces Revolutionary Email Platform Called "Inbox"

New gmail called Inbox by Google
Today, Google announced the launch of a new email platform called "Inbox."  The project has been in the making for two years, and was built by the same people who launched gmail.   This isn't going to replace gmail, but it will compete.  Inbox was built to revolutionize the email industry, and that's just what it's going to do.   Of all the new features entailed, we believe Inbox's most impressive feature to be what Google calls the "Highlights" feature.  This gives Inb.... read more

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The King of Android File Managers

OI File Manager
If you're a consumer, the odds are high that at some point in your life you have experienced the excitement of opening a box containing a brand new smartphone and marveling over its beauty, speed, and capabilities. For most people, half of the apps that come with the phone are unusable, so they go straight to their app store of choice to download some alternatives. Of all of the apps on an Android device, the file manager is considered by many to be the most sensitive. People expect their file .... read more

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Android Apps Coming To A Computer Near You

Android on Computer
Every once in a while, a programmer makes the news for creating something extraordinary. He or she creates something that pushes the boundaries of what code was believed to be capable of. Today, that award goes to a developer by the alias of "Vladikoff". In order to understand what he built, you first need to think about the way Android apps currently work. If you want to run an Android app, what would you use to run the app? For most people the answer is obvious: any device that runs the Andro.... read more

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Who Will Have Access To Your Phone?

Phone Disabled Pic
It's a scenario that fiction novels have touched on for decades: organizations tapping into our personal devices and using them to harvest information about us. We have all gotten so used to the idea of large organizations having our data that most people don't resist it anymore. Purchasing a smartphone and loading it with personal information is now commonplace. What is more, people will download social network apps with the sole purpose of sharing their personal information. Whether the device.... read more

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A New Angle

  The other night a notification popped up on my phone screen, it was from the Snapchat Team. Which typically I wouldn’t have opened, but I just clicked on it and to my surprise I was drawn into what they were informing me of. It contained an entire tutorial on this new story option they had created just for EDC stories on Snapchat. At that moment, I knew what EDC was but had no understanding of the concepts or dynamics behind it. Then I had a realization of the popularity of this event .... read more

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Review: Android 4.4.3 Software Update

Nexus 5 - Android 4.4.3
2 days ago, I received a unique notification on my phone: one that I do not get very often. This notification is one that puts a grin on the face of just about every Android enthusiast. I'm talking about an OTA update, or "over the air" update. This time, it was for the latest 4.4.3 update for my Nexus 5. My Nexus 5 is actually the first Nexus device that I have ever owned, and I must say I love the phone! It is very fast and the battery life is exceptional. I actually use an app called "Data En.... read more

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Inability To Move Messages From iOS to Android Causing Lawsuits

For decades, Apple has prided itself on providing its users with a tightly-controlled, high quality ecosystem. Once you join the family of Apple devices, you enjoy a seamless user experience across thems, whether they be computers, iPads, or iPhones. Apparently all is well until you decide you want to leave and take your messages with you. At the center of a lawsuit filed May 15th is iMessage, the messaging app Apple released as the default messaging app for iOS devices. The lawsuit points to.... read more

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Does your business need a mobile website or a mobile app?

The mobile age has come upon us, whether we are ready for it or not. The popularity of smartphones and tablets has made it more than necessary for businesses to have some sort of mobile presence. Within this very year, internet usage on mobile devices is expected to surpass internet usage on desktop computers. As Bob Dylan would testify, the times sure are changing. Perhaps you or your business currently own and maintain a website, but you want to get started on your mobile presence. To make th.... read more

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Mobile Savvy: 5 Key Points Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore

Can I tell you a secret? I know you may feel (at least occasionally) that mobile devices have ruined your life (just a little bit.) I know sometimes you really, really wish the fad would just die already. I don't relish being the bearer of bad news, but the truth is, that shiny, overpriced, white thing that appears to be super-glued to the body of every teenager and the majority of adults under 50, isn't going away. Hard as it may be for some to hear, small business to medium-sized businesses n.... read more

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Maximum Exposure: when is the best time to post to Facebook?

Despite a number of experts offering advice to the contrary, there simply is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to the best day and/or time to engage with your FaceBook followers. So, are there any words of wisdom can I impart? Of course there are… I mean, this would be an extremely short (not to mention pointless!) sentence otherwise, right? So, how do you determine what’s best for your business? Well, let’s start with this… Forget knowing your audience —you must understand them. .... read more

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Living Vycariously Is No Longer Limited to FaceBook & Twitter (or Instagram)

v(y)·car·i·ous (sic) vīˈkerēəs,vi-/ adjective 1. experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person. If you’ve ever dreamed of living vicariously through the experiences of your friends, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a new app for that. In a social media world that is seemingly already over-crowded, Vycarious is now available for iOS users who wish to create and share their own experiences, or, as the name suggests, live vicariously through that 3-we.... read more

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For Real-Time Info On LAX Tragedy, Officials Direct the Public to... Twitter?

Today around 9:30 am Pacific Time, a shooter opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport, tragically killing a TSA agent and wounding several others. It goes without saying that the actions that took place at LAX are senseless and devastating. With rumors and speculation already hitting the social sphere, at 10:37, the following tweet was posted: For members of the social media community, the response from officials is something those in our industry are noting closely. Although the.... read more

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Simple Tips to Aid In Attracting (and Converting) Mobile Consumers

With the explosion in the mobile market, the number of shoppers who opt for mobile devices to serve their shopping needs is only going up. Virtual market places such as Etsy report they are seeing as much as 45% of their site traffic arriving via mobile phones and tablets. Is your website or mobile device application ready for the future of the online consumer market? Check out our super star strategies for attracting and converting mobile shoppers. 1. (Mobile) Shop 'Til You Drop. Don’t wor.... read more

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6 Seconds of Video is the New 140 Characters of Text

I recently returned from Kentucky where I spent the 4th celebrating with my family. While hanging out with my brother, I was reintroduced to Twitter’s Vine app. I had put it in the back burner of my mind, but after watching some of my brothers posts, I realized what an amazing tool it can be for business marketing. If you haven’t heard of Vine, they describe themselves as a new tool “to see and share life in motion” with 6 second looped videos. My brother uses it to post videos of our family .... read more

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Great Idea: Adobe Makes Popular Touch App Available for FREE (And It Kinda Rocks!)

Adobe Ideas, is a professional vector drawing Touch App for iOS. Following a sweet update, Illustrator's tablet-based app companion has been made available for FREE, courtesy of Adobe, for iPhone and iPad users. Sure, the former $10 price tag is essentially next to nothing in the world of Adobe software, but who doesn't love free stuff? So, what features can you expect in the latest version? Toolbar customization, allowing you to add your 'I-Can't-Live-Without-Them' brushes Capabilities to .... read more

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Mobile Apps, Mobile Sites or Both, The Debate

With the advent of smart phones, it's unsurprising that strong debate has erupted over corresponding mobile applications vs. mobile websites. As business owners determine how best to interact with existing clients, grow their business, and cultivate new relationships, many find themselves at a loss. 'What does my business really need?' they ask. 'Should we build a mobile website? Everyone says we need an app, right? We should do both just to be safe.' Before you proceed with any type of mobi.... read more

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Tablet Computers: 3 Years Later

Apple's iPad has made tablet computers a must-have for the masses. What's not to like? They're slim, their portability is second to none, and so long as you've disabled Siri, they don't talk back. When it comes to their use in the work-place, I've been very interested to see how (or if) they would evolve in to a genuine productivity tool. Apple and Nordstrom have their sales associates charging credit cards, e-mailing receipts, and more thanks to the world of mobile. Physicians now have .... read more

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SAAS (Software As A Service): What You Need to Know About Social Media's Popular Virtual Assistant

Being active in social media is a struggle for many organizations. Even those who understand the importance and genuinely want to be involved often lack one key necessity: time. Enter software as a service. Many of our clients are familiar with Luna's Social Media Module (SMM), and in fact, it's one of our most popular software offerings. Social Media Meets SAAS (aka Software as a Service) In the case of Luna's Social Media Module, as well as other similar SAAS offerings, the value is found .... read more

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Pheed Feeding the Hunger for Social Media

Are you hungry for a social media platform that doesn't involve the words twit or face? If Apple's list of Top Free apps is any indication, the answer is a resounding, YES. New app kid on the block, Pheed, has jumped to Apple's #1 most downloaded social app, #5 overall. Pheeding the (Over) Crowded Social Net Pheed entered the social media sphere late last year to a lukewarm reception. After all, it's hard enough to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and now, Vine. It had all th.... read more

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Vine Means More Opportunity for Businesses (If You Know Where To Start!)

Social media is my well-documented addiction. Unsurprisingly, I'm currently pretty much obsessed with Twitter's new Vine app. While Vine had its share of early controversy, its popularity and fascination with six-second looping video is only continuing to grow. For business owners, Vine means one thing: opportunity. Golden Goose It may seem easy to write off, but business owners should ignore the potential marketing goldmine, Vine, can offer. Sure, many Vine videos involve cats, bad holiday sw.... read more

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Vine: Dos & Don'ts for Business Users

Telling short stories, unlocking the creativity of your team members, connecting with your target audience... Only your mind will limit what you can create with Vine. Opportunity goes without saying, but knowing how to use Vine, and more importantly, how to do so effectively is something you can't afford to overlook. Whether you're currently using or planning to use the much-gabbed about app for business, you won't want to blur personal and professional lines with another social network before .... read more

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Withering Vine: The Swift Implosion of Twitter's New Video-Sharing App

Well, that was fast...The launch of Twitter's new brainchild, Vine, is already coming under fire thanks to users who've adopted the app as a way to post pornography. Although users have the option to report content they feel is in appropriate, that does little to negate the problem. Acceptable Use While Vine says it will remove videos that violate their Terms of Service, a quick browse and keyword search shows that there's no mention of nudity or pornography being against acceptable use. The d.... read more

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Welcome to Vine: Twtitter's New InstaVideo App

Twitter's new brainchild known as 'Vine,' has quickly earned the description of being 'like Instagram but for videos.' According to Apple's app store, features include: Unlimited Uploads Instantly post on your Vine... then share via Twitter or Facebook Find/Follow Friends Use of hashtags to explore posts Much more... (?) To give a bit more detail, users can either register via e-mail or an existing Twitter account after which they will be able to start sharing their own video clips... .... read more

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InstaAnger: The Billion Dollar Backlash

What would you do with a billion dollars? I would buy a Gulfstream G650, an on-call pilot and commission Karl Lagerfeld to design my in-flight loungewear. Go big or go home, right? Of course if your name is Instagram (aka FaceBook), a billion dollars only buys a whole lot of controversy. Since Facebook aquired the popular photo sharing app earlier this year, news media, bloggers and social networks have speculated as to how FaceBook would change Instagram. Many suggested whatever changes were o.... read more

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What is a Smarter Website™?

Was your website built pre 2010? It may be time for an upgrade. Websites have come a long way and having the right tools to market and manage your busienss are critical to compete in today's online enviroment. We partner with LunaSoft (our parent company) to build Smarter Websites™? Here are some things to consider when determining if your website may need to be upgraded: Editable Website.  You are not able to edit the website yourself. Mobile/Responsive.  Your website is not mob.... read more

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SocialCam 4.0: Six Simple Numbers, 136 Years, & Passion for Social Networking

174465. In a society that's hooked on news regarding a billion dollar mobile app, or debating the morality of CEOs who rake in 63 million dollar bonuses, 174465 is a number that's seemingly unspectacular. On the contrary, this number changed the world. The year was 1876. The Date? 07 March. The United States issued Patent No. 174465 to Alexander Graham Bell. Given that early enthusiasm was limited at best, disappointing at worst, chances of our ancestors being early adopters are likely slim to .... read more

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