Why Your Website Needs Video?

Your website needs video. Video is rapidly becoming a must in creating a positive user experience on your website. Because more and more users would rather watch than read.  Adding video to the company blog and other content pages can be a great online marketing tool.

Search Engines Favor Video

In a recent study web pages with video were 53 times more likely to rank on Google than those that did not have video.  Unique content is one of your best friends when it comes to the search engines. In some cases, those websites that contain video are given an edge over those that do not. The bottom line is simply this: users want video!

Video Generates More Leads

Conversion on a web page with video has been shown to increase by up to 300% as opposed to web pages without video.  Visitors are simply more likely to call, email or buy when they see a compelling video.

Website Video Encourages Visitor Investment

By adding video to your website, you not only have the potential to educate and entertain, you also have the chance to introduce the audience to the personality of your business or brand.

Adding video to your website can...

  • Help to build trust with perspective clients
  • Demonstrate the answer to common questions about your product
  • Solve common client problems
  • Make someone feel as if they know you, even thought you've yet to meet!

Perception is important, however, during an age in which social media dominates, there's almost a novelty in seeing a business (and its employees!) as real people.

Professional Website Videos Add Multidimensional Content

Text related content is great, but it's one dimensional. Video, however, combines the best of both worlds. Not only does adding a video to your website allow you to educate your users, it has the additional  benefit of being able to have a bit more fun while establishing an early personal connection.