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How Do I Know If I Need a New Website?

How do i know if i need a new website?
We've compiled a list of five quick checks you can do to help you answer the question, "how do I know if I need a new website?"  If your website fails all five, then you almost definitely need a re-design; but if you only have one or two then starting from scratch may not be necessary. Can you edit the content of your website? Or, does someone else still need to do that for you?  Editing a website shouldn't be any more difficult than editing a Microsoft Word document; and, if it is,.... read more

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Custom Website Project: What Does "Custom Website" Mean?

custom website design project
A Custom Website isn't what it used to be.  There was a day when a client would ask for a custom website, and they would get a brand new, professionally unique, design that encompassed the brand of the organization.  That original graphic design would be coded from scratch, hosting was set up, and, POOF, a new work of art was released to the world wide web.  That service has not gone away, but several corporations have popped up who are all pawning off modified website templates a.... read more

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Luna Featured Client: Tilt My Blinds

Featured Client Tilt My Blinds
Remember that time you were sitting on your couch watching your favorite television program, and then the sun turned a corner and a glare the size of Montana started live streaming through your eyes?  You really wanted to turn down the blinds, but you had just sat down with a huge bowl of popcorn.  What to do? One of our newest clients, Tilt My Blinds, has developed a product/software combination that now allows you to automate your blinds throughout your house, and all you need is an.... read more

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Hey Girl (or Guy), What's Your Name?

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of overt, ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’. ‘Dirty’ is how he described the two words, preferring instead to focus on educating his audience, providing them with value. Some will argue it’s semantics at best —and it is, at least on some level. Regardless, it’s a rather ironic twist of fate that in the end, Jobs and the icon company he lead and co-founded have come to be known, respectively, as being some of the great marketing geniuses of our time.  There’s no doubt that .... read more

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What Are the Components that Make Up A Website?

Components of the Web
A website is like a puzzle; many components need to come together to make the perfect picture. When you hear the words, domain, hosting, code and more being hurtled at you at 100 mph, it’s no wonder many feel that developing a web presence is overwhelming.  Let’s take a peek at the components that make up a website and the services available to create one. Domain A domain is the unique name for your website (i.e. Type it in to the address bar and visitors will be able.... read more

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New Websites: A Valuable Investment

The biggest problem with building a new website is usually trusting that, after you spend a few thousand dollars of your hard earned cash, you will receive a product that will inevitably earn that money back. A website is not tangible.  You can’t pick it up with your hands.  And, unlike a new big screen TV, you can’t simply turn it on for the best results when you get home.   This makes buying a website a scary investment, and for good reason. We hear stories from many peo.... read more

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Free Websites for Small Business: You Get What You Pay For

Free Websites for Small Business: You Get What You Pay For These days, every business knows that they need a website.  At the very least, it serves as a digital business card to advertise on your actual business card, or to use as a tool in your advertising campaigns. Most small to medium sized businesses, agencies, organizations, and committees will need to decide whether to use a free website builder, learn to build it themselves, or to hire a professional development company, in order .... read more

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7 Tips for great logo designs

Simple and powerful logo will be better than anything for your brand. Here are some tips to create great logo designs.   1. Make sure the logo looks good in black and white. Color give lots of things to tell for your company, but the logo itself has to be recognizable without any color. 2. Not all the logo need 'mark.' People usually think logo is a combination of a symbol mark and a logotype, but only the logotype can be the logo. For example, the logo for Samsung has logotype on the .... read more

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Design Trends in 2014

Design trends in 2014 A new year is here, and with it, new design styles and trends to help you keep your website looking up to date, modern and fresh! This year the buzzword you need to be familiar with is FLAT. Over the past year here at LunaWebs we have been viewing our website traffic analytics carefully, and what we have seen is the incredible growth of mobile browser traffic coming to our websites. With a smart phone in everyones pocket or purse, it has become more and more common for pe.... read more

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