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Don't Forget These Things When Creating an Email Template

Email newsletters
Social media posts, blogging, press releases, newsletters, emails, etc. You all know how important these items are for marketing purposes, but, how often and how to create each of these items is, for some, a daily struggle. Today we want to show you (remind you, really) what you should keep in mind when creating an email template. Emails are a great way to contact your busy clients, and because they're so busy, you want to make these emails as simple and as engaging as possible. 1. Begin by h.... read more

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5 Tips on Designing Your Mobile Website

Mobile Sites
It is time that every website goes mobile-friendly, since not all of us may have a computer at home but for sure have a smartphone.  I've seen some websites that have slowly developed their mobile sites, and although they still need some tweaking, the possibility of navigating their site on the palm of your hand is a reality.  Check out these few tips on designing your mobile website: 1. Keep it clean and simple. A lot of websites have chosen to go minimalistic as part of their br.... read more

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6 Tips on How to Create a Perfect Logo

6 tips on how to create the perfect logo
You already know how important it is for a business to have a logo, we've seen how logos create the brand of the business and most importantly, they create the bridge between your customers and your business. Whether you're starting a new business and need a logo, or you're reinventing your current logo, you'll be glad you read the steps below. They'll help you stay organized in the process and motivated to find the right answers:  1. Do your research and see what your competitors are d.... read more

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The Anatomy of an Infographic

The anatomy of an infographic
Infographics are one of the most effective ways to present information and make it go viral. That is possible thanks to our brain; it naturally prefers to see colors and shapes than a monotone black and white paragraph. So whatever you need to communicate, make it in a clear, creative and clutter-free way, you'll be able to teach your reader more because you have already captured their attention with compelling graphics and colors. Keep in mind these tips next time you create an infographic, an.... read more

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5 Facts on Using Color in Marketing

5 facts on using color in marketing
Everyone knows marketing is one of the most important tools you need to master when you have your own business. You know you must use your social media sites, your blogs, and your website in certain ways so you get leads and connect with them, and stay popular within your circle and you also stay updated with what's going on with your competitors. Now, using social media and advertising is one thing, knowing how to use it, is another.  I'm not going to teach you all about social media and.... read more

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Trending: Abstract Homepages

When it comes to making a statement, the main image is probably what first comes to mind. Depending on the website, you'll also expect a certain type of image. A vacationing website? Paradise. A construction website? some awesome building. Clothing store? Colorful jeans folded neatly on a table. What about... a powerful, abstract image instead? A lot of websites have made the (temporal) move to have one of those amazing abstract backgrounds, a while ago it was a video, and before that, a very e.... read more

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Social Media Image Dimensions

facebook cover example
Like everyone else, we're sure you've had to re-do at least one graphic for your social media. Was that your Facebook cover? Or your YouTube channel art? The dimensions are different depending on the platform, so the same image you uploaded on Google+ won't look the same if you add it to your Twitter header. Well, for all of you who are still struggling with these measurements, here's a very simple cheat sheet!  1. Facebook cover: 851px x 315px 2. Facebook event cover: 784px x 295p.... read more

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Canva: Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software

Have you heard of Canva before?  Canva is a website that works online, you don't need to download or buy the product in order to use it. In just a few words, Canva has a drag-and-drop feature that includes millions of images (stock photos, vector images, icons, shapes, etc.), photo filters and other photo editing tools, many different fonts, and professional layouts to design beautiful and compelling graphics of any kind. You can design presentations, social media graphics, layouts, email.... read more

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