Are you Naughty or Nice?

Teleflora Email Application

Salt Lake City, UT, February 1, 2010 -- What do you get when you combine pretty flowers with text-to-speech technology? You guessed it, a Talking Flowers eCard application. Two years ago had built a viral software application for viral media microsites which was the perfect fit for this new viral campaign. Luna enhanced the web application for the international floral company Teleflora for a Valentine's Day microsite. "We are honored to be chosen to help them with the campaign." said LunaWebs CEO Shad Vick.

The flash/email application lets the user decide whether to send a "Naughty" or a "Nice" e-card, utilizing pre-recorded audio for the message or user inputted text which is converted to speech with licensed technology. The project involved flash programming and created a fun and interactive user experience.

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