Isola Isabella - Custom Photo Galleries

Stylish Web Design for a High-Fashion Clothier

Project Challenge

When you work in the fashion industry, appearance is everything. Isola Isabella creates high-end swim cover ups, and contacted Luna to craft a site displaying their unique, eye-catching style. The result was a minimal, sleek site that kept the attention on the sexy product.

The website needed to maintain the minimalist feel while still keeping up with the sleek appeal of the product design and website flow.

the luna solution

LunaWebs designed a website that is sleek and modern. The website features a minimalist look and feel with the elegance of subtle javascript effects to provide clean, simple, and easy navigation.

Custom javascript effects were created to provide the seamless navigation of the press highlights. Mouse hover/detection was implemented to detect the user hovering over the left or right area of the press file list. While hovering the javascript used an easing effect combined with jQuery animation functions to slide the content area to the left or the right to reveal additional press.

Custom Design


Javascript Slider/Effects