Analytics and Reporting

Part of running a comprehensive SEO campaign involves performing routine, detailed reporting and frequently communicating these reports to clients. At LunaWebs, we run bi-monthly reports for our clients updating them on all analytics, including keyword rankings, backlinks, site traffic, indexing, and in-house work completed for that time period.

Our SEO Systems

We've created a unique, user-friendly reporting system from scratch within our own database that allows us to view analytics at any time, day or night. Because first-page rankings don't happen overnight, tracking keyword placement, backlinks and additional ranking modifiers is essential. Staying informed of keyword rankings is essential for success; because of this, we monitor all of our clients' keywords carefully on a daily basis.

Search Engine Ranking Success

All goals, whether short term or long term, need planning to succeed. Whether you want your site to rank for a highly competitive keyword phrase or a low volume set of phrases, executing a SEO strategy involves staying actively involved in all online aspects. When running a SEO campaign, monitoring and gauging the movements of a website allows us to know exactly where we stand - 100% of the time. It's not enough to simply create goals; executing search engine optimization goals involves active participation every step of the way.

Why Are Analytics and Reporting Essential?

Keeping track of your website's presence online is essential, especially when rankings have the ability to increase traffic and therefore conversions to your site. Ultimately, staying organized and involved in your online presence will be a key factor for progress within SERP (Search Engine Results Page) reports. The more aware you are of your current placement and rankings, the easier it is to make informed decisions, execute aggressive campaigns, and formulate knowledgeable insights regarding the internet marketing and SEO industry.

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