Link Building

Link building may sound like an arduous term, but in reality link building is the most straightforward and basic way of increasing a website's traffic. In its most basic form, link building is when a website links to your website; this gives your site more "points" with search engines. It's that simple! (Sort of).

Without realizing it, you've probably been link building for as long as you've been using the internet! Every time you link to someone else's website from your own, you've just given that website a "point". And whoever has the most points ranks the highest on search engine  results pages. Although link building alone won't get your site ranked, a team of link builders can substantially boost your site's placement.

Organic Link Building

We don't just "do" link building - we study it with a passion. The internet continues to expand at an unrivaled rate, which opens up daily new opportunities and strategies for link building. At LunaWebs, we're passionate about creating organic rankings through solid, proactive efforts. We never buy links from "link farms" - every link we build is done so through careful calculation, placement, research, and execution.

Inbound Links vs. Spam

Bottom line: The more inbound links, the better. So should you go out and start plastering your website's URL all over every blog, forum or advertising space you can find? Absolutely not! Search engines are smarter than we think; which means that link building has to be done by natural, organic efforts. If a major search engine gets the feeling that your website is spam because of the atrocious amount of inbound links from non-credible sources, guess what - they're going to treat your site like spam, burying it deep within results pages.

Building Links the Right Way

The power of link building also includes added exposure for your website. In addition to getting a "nod of approval" from major search engines, link building functions as an expressway between internet searchers and your site. Our link building techniques are executed in a strategic way that creates SEO value while simultaneously directing online searchers to your site - which in turn also increases your rankings. Our link building techniques include:

  • Active involvement in highly ranked industry-related forums and blogs
  • Relationship building with accredited, industry-related sites
  • Utilization of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Squidoo, etc.
  • Article creation and submission to accredited forums
  • Press releases to major platforms and news sources
  • Internal hypertext link building

The beautiful thing about the internet is that the possibilities are endless. Whether you're targeting a Utah SEO term or an international SEO phrase, the implementation of a skilled link building team can dramatically improve your rankings. 

Inbound Links Case Study

Here's one case study on how organic link building works to boost a site's natural rankings.

  • Question: The University of Utah website has major authority with search engines, and ranks well for a number of geographically-related keywords. Why is this?
  • Answer: There are over 20,000 students who are enrolled at the University of Utah. How many of these students do you think are linking to University of Utah homepage, subpages and forums through Facebook, Twitter, personal webpages, and more? In addition to students, how many medical sites, academic sites, and other learning forums are linking to pages within the U of U's website? It would take way too long to count how often the U of U is referenced and linked to online. The amount of inbound links that the University of Utah's website receives is enough for major search engines to pay attention, and therefore boost its rankings.

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