Local Search Engine Optimization

Ranking your website for geographically targeted terms is a great way to put your business on the local community's radar. A lot of cities are now choosing to support local businesses; from farmers markets to graphic design and marketing, pursuing a local SEO campaign is an organic way to establish your company within local search results.

Geographically Targeted, Local SEO

Your business is unique to its location; because of this, our local search engine optimization efforts will include geographic and demographic keyword research. Every city around the world has unique search habits, which is why we place unique emphasis on local keyword research.

Future SEO Campaigns

In addition to placing your website on the local radar, a local SEO campaign will set the groundwork for future national and global campaigns, should you decide to go this route. Establishing authority by ranking for local search  phrases is a critical SEO method that gives major search engines the "green light". Achieving local rankings will also build your authority with major search engines, a key ingredient to ranking for high volume national and international keyword phrases.

Local SEO Techniques

Our local SEO campaigns are managed on a monthly basis. Specific techniques we use for local SEO campaigns include:

  • In-depth demographic research relevant to your company's location
  • Targeted and cultural geographic study of this location's habits, practices and development;
  • Local listings and directory optimization for local results pages

By pursuing a local SEO campaign, your company can become integrally involved in its surrounding community while building authority with major search engines. Contact us today to learn more about local SEO and to receive a free quote!