Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing goes beyond social media sites; SMM is a never-ending way to increase your brand awareness, drive relevant traffic to your site, and boost your search engine optimization efforts.

  • The more exposure your website and business has, the higher amount of traffic your site will receive.
  • When your site begins to show an increase in traffic, the major search engines pay attention, gradually beginning to rank your site higher.

SMM kills two birds with one stone: brand awareness/exposure and higher rankings due to more incoming traffic.

There's a Strong Connection Between SEO and SMM

Social media marketing is an incredibly potent way to boost not only your overall marketing techniques, but search engine optimization efforts as well.

  • If you're interested in local, international, or Utah SEO, social media marketing efforts will help boost your site's authority with search engines while upping traffic and conversions.

International Campaigns

An international social media marketing campaign, in conjunction with an international SEO campaign, can dramatically increase your site's rankings, traffic and conversions.

  • Many people choose to run both a SMM and SEO campaign in conjunction; these two types of marketing positively reinforce and buffer each other.
  • Running an international campaign helps build authority with search engines around the globe, and increases the potential audience reach for a given site.

National Campaigns

Choosing to target national keyword phrases is a good place to begin, especially if the end goal is to go international. Combining SMM and SEO efforts on a national level includes:

  • Country-specific keyword research and targeting
  • Cultural trend targeting within social media sites
  • Social media topic research and involvement