White Hat Utah SEO is Clear, Honest Optimization

Search engines give more weight to websites that are honest, particularly with search engine optimization techniques. It might seem like illegal SEO tactics are "okay" because they rank a site faster, but beware - as soon as a search engine discovers the truth behind the rankings, the website will be dramatically punished. White hat SEO means using clean, legal and approved ways of organically ranking a website. There are clear lines that search engines have published dictating what's "black hat" (illegal) and what's white hat. LUNA abides to the strictest white hat SEO procedures.

Internal and Reciprocal Linking is Considered White Hat

A Utah SEO team like LUNA uses aggressive, honest link building to rank a website. Link building (correctly - very important) is one of the best ways to help a site hold its place when it reaches a good ranking. There are different kinds of link building that are considered white hat; these include internal link building and reciprocal link building. A Utah SEO team like LUNA knows the ins and outs of both internal and reciprocal link building. It's wisest to have a professional SEO team link build for you. If link building is done incorrectly, a site can be flagged as spam and penalized.

Good Utah SEO Techniques Include Writing Optimized Content

A professional Utah SEO firm like LUNA has experienced copywriters dedicated to creating unique and interesting content for websites. Writing content that will attract audiences can take a long time if you don't have the help of a SEO team; LUNA knows exactly how to write interesting, relevant content that includes strategic keyword placement, optimization, and internal linking. Sharp and thought provoking content can be a deal maker for a website. Adding fresh and well-written content to a site will attract search engines, and slowly makes a site look like the authority on its industry. Our Utah SEO team includes trained copywriters who specialize in content optimization.

White Hat Site Optimization

Part of good Utah SEO practices involve the proper manipulation of internal site structure. LUNA has an experienced team of developers who know SEO like the back of their hand, and can manipulate a site so that it's both optimized and user-friendly. With SEO, it's important to remember that usability for online searchers should come first. If a site is extremely optimized and ranking well, but has a poor front end, online searchers are going to become frustrated and leave the site. Optimizing both the front end and back end for search engines and users is a balance that LUNA knows how to create. Fill out our consultation request for a free SEO quote.