SEO Keyword Research

When you type a phrase into a major search engine, particular results appear first for that keyword. A crucial part of both Utah SEO and national and international SEO, expert keyword research directs you towards the keywords for a comprehensive, competitive campaigns. Our SEO experts can aggressively target the right keywords for your site - and then get you ranked as quickly as possible.

Analysis of Keyword Research

Before starting your SEO campaign, it is important to select a keyword or key phrase to optimize your site for. This step is critical, as this keyword will be the focus of your SEO campaign, and will help our SEO specialists with competitive analysis. Whether you're looking for Utah SEO keyword research or national keyword research, we offer comprehensive, competitive campaigns to get your website ranked as quickly as possible.

Types of Keyword Research

SEO keywords can be classified as local keywords and national keywords. A local keyword may be something like "Utah SEO", or "Utah Green Screen", while a national keyword will be a broad term like "wedding veils". Local keywords usually are advisable for brick-and-mortar stores who are looking for local clients, while national keywords can benefit e-commerce businesses or businesses that do not require an in-person visit.

  • Local SEO keywords place more emphasis on geographic and demographic research for a particular region; these keywords tend to be more niche and location-specific
  • International SEO keywords are what are called "short tail" keywords; they are highly competitive, and have a high number of global monthly searchers.

SEO Keywords

Our SEO team will do initial, comprehensive keyword research to determine several keywords that may benefit your site. Since each keyword has a different amount of competition, each individual keyword will also require a different amount of work to compete for, and thus, a different budget. We are willing to work with each individual client to find SEO keywords that will help bring traffic to the site, as well as fit their individual budget.