Social Media Sites

Two of the largest social media marketing sites are Facebook and Twitter. For any social media campaign to truly be successful, optimizing your company's Facebook and Twitter pages is essential. In addition to page creation and setup, LunaWebs' social media marketing team has the tools needed to run strategic and targeted SMM campaigns. There are several indicators of a successful social media marketing campaign:

  • Increase in fans/followers
  • Increased traffic to page/homepage from these specific sites
  • Online "buzz" created for your company; this includes mentions, re-tweets, and linking from fans and followers
  • Increased brand awareness due to a solid growth in fans and followers
  • Increased conversions/revenue due to an increase in online traffic


There are more than 500 active Facebook users; and on average, over 50% of these users log into their account daily. Let's break this down a little bit further. From these statistics, the average Facebook user has 150 friends. So if somebody posts a link/comment about your business, there are 150 people who potentially have an impression of your brand.

Facebook is a networking site, which means that the more people are talking about your brand or company, the more exposure you'll get. There are specific, targeted strategies that we use to increase brand awareness among the 500 million global Facebook users. With a successful social media marketing campaign, you can see a substantial, exponential increase in industry-related traffic being sent to your site.


Twitter is also a powerful tool for online businesses. With over 26 million users (15% of which are adults) using Twitter as a strategic marketing tool can reach a remarkable amount of people around the world. The opportunities for brand awareness through Twitter are endless - from the use of conversational tags "hashtags" to re-tweeting and Twitpic, Twitter is a great tool to run a social media marketing campaign through. At LunaWebs, we use calculated techniques to grow your following, increase brand awareness, and participate in daily online conversations.

Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Social media marketing and SEO are truly two things that work together like magic. SEO efforts work to boost social media site growth, and as social media sites grow, search engines take heightened notice of your website. Running a social media marketing campaign in conjunction with a SEO campaign is one of the best ways to ultimately increase local, national and international brand awareness and traffic. Both SMM and search engine optimization work in conjunction with one another to increase conversions and revenue for your site.

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