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The goal was to create a lighthearted and easy to use email campaign site. The SnobbyMail idea was to create a “snobby” character to deliver your insulting or snobby messages to your friends, family and coworkers. needed to create an interactive email service that allows users to customize audio messages to send to their friends. Customization includes scenery, clothing, and the email message. The desire was to allow users to choose one of the premade messages, or create one of their own, and be able to customize their character.

the luna solution

What could be more snobby than wine snob? In keeping with the client’s business (wine), decided that an upper class British wine snob would be the perfect choice to deliver your (un)friendly messages. We used Flash to create our character and his accessories. A series of prerecorded messages were created in case you didn’t want to make something up on your own. If those just won’t do, users are able to type in their own messages, which are then turned into audio with text-to-speech software. This creates a wave file on the server, encodes to mp3 and embeds in flash, all in under a second.

The snob has a variety of outfits and environments that add to the atmosphere of the messages, or just gives them a silly touch. It’s all about being creative. The end result is a viral email campaign that is fun to play with and fun to share.

custom flash application

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